Licensing of Innovative Technology, Products and Services

Innovative Technology for Commercialization

Wake Forest Innovations stimulates and invests in the creation of innovative technology, products and services, and licenses these to existing and start-up companies. Our Center for Technology Innovation & Commercialization proactively engages researchers to facilitate product ideation, invention disclosure, intellectual property protection and business planning. We also supports researchers through prototyping and proof of concept studies to translate nascent discoveries into commercially viable products.

We are responsible for technology and product licensing to established companies, and also assists in capital formation, incubation and early development of start-up companies.

Technology Licensing

Wake Forest Innovations offers a diverse portfolio of technologies available for license to qualified partners. See also featured technologies. Please contact us to learn more about licensing a specific technology from Wake Forest Innovations.

Wake Forest Innovations helps interested partners understand licensing options and find the best path to meet their needs. We are efficient and timely, acknowledging the relationship between a working timetable, market entry and successful outcomes.

Individuals interested in discussing licensing opportunities with Wake Forest Innovations should contact the Center for Technology Innovation & Commercialization at +1.336.716.3729 or

Wake Forest Faculty

Wake Forest Innovations is committed to helping you develop a commercialization strategy for your novel, idea, discovery or invention.

Wake Forest faculty and staff interested in speaking with Wake Forest Innovations about your idea should visit to learn more.

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