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    One researcher’s personal mission to improve post-stroke care leads to the development of a new app. Read the story.

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Wake Forest Innovations brings industry and Wake Forest scientists and clinicians together to appreciate each other’s needs and capabilities, determine common goals, devise practical strategies and coordinate efforts to accelerate the process of developing high-value health care products. Discover the innovative work being conducted at Wake Forest.

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Technology for License

Intellectual Property for License

The Center for Technology Innovation & Commercialization accelerates the development and commercialization of inventions.

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Industry Research Collaboration

The Center for Industry Research Collaboration expedites access to specialized clinical and research capabilities.

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Center for Applied Learning

The Center for Applied Learning promotes best clinical practices through experiential training.

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Top 5 Reasons to Attend the Open Thinking Innovation Showcase

It’s not every day you get the chance to see firsthand some of the newest technologies transforming health care and society. Many scientists at Wake Forest School of Medicine and Wake Forest University are on the frontlines of scientific discovery, developing innovative technologies that can improve health and further society.

Model of Tumor Spreading May Help Doctors Pinpoint Best Treatment

Advances in personalized medicine allow doctors to select the most promising drugs for certain types of malignant tumors. But what if before initiating treatment, they could go a step further and use a mini-model of the human body to see how each patient’s actual tumor responds to the drugs and learn if and where the continue reading

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Single-Prong Nasal Cannula

Our single-prong, dual-port nasal cannula simultaneously delivers oxygen deep within the nasal cavity and monitors a patient’s breathing, without blocking the surgical field. In addition, the superior design results in improved procedural safety and reduced anesthetic complications.


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