• Sarah Berga, MD

    The Sex of Cells Matter: Renowned expert in women’s health, Sarah Berga, MD, discusses why industry must consider sex differences in drug development.

  • Connecting Neurons, Networks and Collaborators

    Wake Forest’s Paul Laurienti, MD, PhD, is studying how starlings relate to complex human brain networks. Read more.

  • Innovative Science

    Our scientists are developing tomorrow’s innovations in therapeutics, vaccines, medical devices and more. Get updates from Wake Forest Innovations.

Discover Innovation at Wake Forest

Showing Some Spine

Charles Branch, Showing Some Spine

Charles Branch, Jr., M.D., professor and chair of neurosurgery at Wake Forest, is a new breed of scientist: part clinician, part investigator, and full-bore innovator.

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Single-Prong Nasal Cannula

Single-Prong Nasal Cannula

The nasal cannula gets its first redesign since the 1960s. A Wake Forest orbital surgeon envisions a safer way to deliver oxygen. Explore the novel design of the dual-port nasal cannula.

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Accelerating Innovation

Accelerating Innovation

Read an interview with Eric Tomlinson, DSc, PhD, about how Wake Forest Innovations accelerates innovation in the development of health care products.

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Partner with Wake Forest

Technology for License

Intellectual Property for License

Wake Forest Innovations offers an extensive portfolio of technology licensing opportunities in biomedical and materials science.

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Contract R&D Services

Contract Research & Development Services

Wake Forest Innovations supports your R&D needs through easy access to Wake Forest's unique research capabilities.

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Wake Forest Innovation Quarter

Wake Forest Innovation Quarter

Wake Forest Innovations drives the creation of a new hub for innovation in biomedical and materials science and information technology.

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News and Highlights

Nature Biotechnology: Reinventing Tech Transfer

A change is under way at university tech transfer offices (TTOs) across the United States. Schools are expanding their TTO teams, shifting their business aims and changing their models. The focus is moving to startup companies and proactive outreach to the private sector. What are the factors behind these changes, and how are academic institutions continue reading

Patented Biosensor Wearable Technology Provides a More Civilized Method of Quarantine

Earlier this year Donald Spector, Chairman of the Board at New York College, and one of the most prolific inventors in the world, got a patent for biosensor signals that are transmitted from Smartphones to third party agencies. Spector envisioned this technology even before there were Smartphones and has one of the earliest known patents continue reading

Featured Technology

Compact, Wireless Brain Activity Device

The Universal Brain Activity Transmitter (UBAT), a compact, wireless recording system, analyzes, compresses and transmits individual neural activity data via Bluetooth technology, from distances up to 30 meters. The device has flexible recording capabilities and the capacity for robust transmission in diverse environments. 

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