Wake Forest Innovations brings industry and Wake Forest scientists and clinicians together to appreciate each other’s needs and capabilities, determine common goals, devise practical strategies and coordinate efforts to accelerate the process of developing high-value health care products.

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Technology for License

Intellectual Property for License

Wake Forest Innovations offers an extensive portfolio of technology licensing opportunities in biomedical and materials science.

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Research Collaboration

Research Collaboration

Wake Forest Innovations gives industry access to collaborate with Wake Forest's specialized preclinical and clinical research.

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Wake Forest Innovation Quarter

Wake Forest Innovation Quarter

Wake Forest Innovations drives the creation of a new hub for innovation in biomedical and materials science and information technology.

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News and Highlights

Wake Forest Researchers Participate in Leading Edge Brain Implant Research

Wake Forest researchers, Sam Deadwyler, PhD, and Robert Hampson, PhD, along with Theodore Berger, PhD, from the University of Southern California, are featured in Next Big Future for their work in developing an artificial hippocampus, a brain prosthesis. The article, “Update on the leading edge of brain implant research and Kurzweil’s predictions for brain implants in twenty years,” continue reading

New Discoveries Advance Efforts to Build Replacement Kidneys in the Lab

Researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center report progress in their quest to build replacement kidneys in the lab. The teams’ goal is to make use of the more than 2,600 kidneys that are donated each year, but must be discarded due to abnormalities and other factors. The scientists aim to “recycle” these organs to continue reading

Featured Technology

Single-Prong Nasal Cannula

Our single-prong, dual-port nasal cannula simultaneously delivers oxygen deep within the nasal cavity and monitors a patient’s breathing, without blocking the surgical field. In addition, the superior design results in improved procedural safety and reduced anesthetic complications.


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