• Medical Device Accelerator

    The Medical Device Accelerator at Wake Forest Innovations brings value to industry partners by adding tangible value to licensing deals. Learn how.

  • Characteristics of Successful Technologies

    What are the top characteristics of successful technology opportunities? Dr. Jason Kralic has the answers.

  • APOL1

    Learn how one doctor’s quest to redefine kidney disease in African-Americans is revolutionizing kidney transplantation. Read more.

  • Innovative Science

    Our scientists are developing tomorrow’s innovations in therapeutics, vaccines, medical devices and more. View our technologies available for license.

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Wake Forest Innovations brings industry and Wake Forest scientists and clinicians together to appreciate each other’s needs and capabilities, determine common goals, devise practical strategies and coordinate efforts to accelerate the process of developing high-value health care products. Discover the innovative work being conducted at Wake Forest.

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Technology for License

Intellectual Property for License

The Center for Technology Innovation & Commercialization accelerates the development and commercialization of inventions.

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Industry Research Collaboration

Industry Research Collaboration

The Center for Industry Research Collaboration expedites access to specialized clinical and research capabilities.

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Featured Experts

Featured Experts

Learn more about experts at Wake Forest Baptist that are collaborating with industry by exploring our Featured Experts gallery.

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News and Highlights

An Easy Twist: How a Simple Invention Could Advance Precision Medicine

When you lose something, sometimes the best way to find it is to retrace your steps. Even when what you lost are only a few cells. That’s the situation in which Ken Tian, MD, found himself when performing a biopsy on a tumor. After collecting a sample of cells from the tumor, he discovered he continue reading

What is Innovation? How the i3 Concept Drives Wake Forest Innovations

We tend to build myths around inventors—putting them on pedestals, thinking of them as romantic geniuses who have flashes of inspiration. But it turns out that invention is less like Archimedes running naked through the streets of Syracuse, shrieking “Eureka!” and more like the labors of Thomas Edison, complete with triumphs and setbacks along the continue reading

Featured Technology

Single-Prong Nasal Cannula

Our single-prong, dual-port nasal cannula simultaneously delivers oxygen deep within the nasal cavity and monitors a patient’s breathing, without blocking the surgical field. In addition, the superior design results in improved procedural safety and reduced anesthetic complications.


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