New Patent Will Enable 3D Printing of Customized Orthopedic Inserts

A new patent has been issued to Wake Forest Innovations collaborator Donald Spector, chairman of New York College of Health Professions. This patent, according to Lisa Pamintuan, president of New York College of Health Professions, will change the cost curve for customized orthotic and orthopedic inserts and will make customized orthotic and orthopaedic inserts available to millions of people.

Spector’s new patent protects a system whereby 3D scanners and printers can analyze skeletal structures and make customized orthopedic inserts; these insert can correct posture problems in just minutes and for a fraction of the cost of the current standard of orthopedic inserts.

“Orthopedic inserts have traditionally been made by casting which takes weeks and costs hundreds of dollars, thereby often preventing access to such treatments for many,” said Pamintuan. “Most people use over-the-counter insoles that don’t take into account the compensation and bending of the spine to create equal pressure in the feet.”

Learn more about the Memorandum of Understanding Wake Forest Innovations signed with New York College of Health Professions for mutual technology development and read the announcement about this current patent.