How We Develop Technologies

Turning Ideas into Valuable Medical Innovations

We help our researchers transform inventive ideas into medical technologies with the potential to improve health. At Wake Forest Innovations, we look beyond patents in order to develop products that reach development milestones and create value.

Technology Innovation & Commercialization

Wake Forest Innovations accelerates the development and commercialization of inventions created by the expert clinicians and researchers of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

When you partner with us to license a therapeutic, vaccine, medical device or diagnostic product, you get proprietary technologies that have been developed through milestones that match industry standards. You get a technology with a scientific foundation you can trust, a technology we believe in enough to invest in and develop ourselves—reducing risk, increasing the value and shortening your development process the moment you license the technology.

The bottom line: We can expand your pipeline and help you get to market faster.

Industry + Academia: How R&D Partnerships are Key to the Future of Innovation

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Idea. Invention. Innovation.

i3 - Ideate Invent Innovate

Here, “innovation” is far more than a buzzword; it’s what drives our partnerships with industry.

We transform ideas from inventors at Wake Forest Baptist into market-changing innovations through our “i3” approach.

Our i3 approach—which stands for “Idea. Invention. Innovation.”—reflects our goal to advance medical technologies through industry standard milestones to a point where partners license and move them to the market where they can significantly improve patient care and outcomes.

Idea – Every successful life sciences technology has to begin somewhere. At Wake Forest Innovations, it begins with an idea from our world-class faculty and staff.

Invention – The idea is only the beginning. Ideas must be evaluated out, fleshed out and then protected. That’s when they become an invention. This is where many academic institutes stop: a patented invention. Wake Forest Innovations goes much further.

Innovation – Some innovations not only reach the market; they transform it. Working directly with industry to develop ideas for life science technologies into market-changing innovations is our mission.

Our Technology Portfolio

Explore our technology portfolio—a collection of some of the technologies that Wake Forest Innovations has helped transform from idea to invention. You may just discover your next market-changing innovation.

Our Team

Our staff has key experience in developing and commercializing medical technologies, from therapeutics and vaccines to medical devices, diagnostics and digital health technologies.

With backgrounds in research, intellectual property law, industry R&D, licensing, company formation and capital, we know what industry partners find valuable in potential licenses and what it takes to get novel technologies to market. We are your bridge to medical and life science technologies with innovation potential.