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Demon Voltammetry and Analysis Software

Researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center have developed software for performing fast scan cyclic voltammetry recordings in brain tissue for detection of neurotransmitters.

Technology Overview

Demon Voltammetry and Analysis Software is written in the graphical programming language, LabView (National Instruments, Austin TX) and provides a command voltage to a potentiostat or existing freely moving equipment, while performing simultaneous recordings of resultant current waveforms. Additionally, this software can be used to pass single and multiple pulse trains of various frequencies and voltages for triggering electrically isolated stimulators, and for communicating with external, digitally driven devices.

Digital event information from external sources, such as behavioral equipment, can also be recorded. Demon Voltammetry and Analysis software also contains several methods for performing multiple automated data collections, including a routine builder for collections with different durations, intervals, and stimulation conditions. The analysis portion of this software provides options for viewing/exporting acquired data, applying noise filters, performing chemometric and waveform kinetic analysis (including tau, T20, T80, FWHH, peak height, and AUC), as well as for figure creation without export into third-party software.

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  • Jordan T. Yorgason,
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  • Sara R. Jones, PhD, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology

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