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Licensing Report: Contracts Executed by Wake Forest Innovations

Discover some of the latest licensing deals executed by Wake Forest Innovations. In this report, learn about the licensing of novel technologies: a cancer therapeutic, a graft for heart valve replacement and a delivery method for oral medications.

The Center for Technology Innovation & Commercialization of Wake Forest Innovations collaborates with clinicians and researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center to advance their medical inventions. Using development and commercialization skills, we help you turn your ideas for medical devices, vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics into licensable medical technologies that improve health.

Each technology that we license is one more way that the faculty and staff of Wake Forest Baptist help to improve health for patients everywhere.

Here are some of the recent contracts executed by the Center:

Muscadine Grape Extract

A patent-pending, proprietary muscadine grape extract—owned by Piedmont Research & Development and investigated by Wake Forest Baptist researchers Patricia Gallagher, PhD, and Elisabeth Tallant, PhD—is being studied as treatment for established cancers, to prevent or reduce the formation of primary cancer and to prevent or reduce the formation of secondary metastases. The Center for Technology Innovation & Commercialization granted an exclusive commercial-use license with Piedmont Research & Development Corporation for the application of the muscadine extract to the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Modified Alginate Hydrogels  

Modified alginate hydrogels, a patent-pending novel method for encapsulating dietary supplements, prescription drugs, probiotics and various oils, were developed by Emmanuel Opara, PhD, from the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Mark Welker, PhD, of Wake Forest University to reduce discomfort and increase the bioavailability of oral therapeutics and supplements. The Center executed an exclusive option to a license of the modified alginate hydrogels with Response Scientific.

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