Preclinical Translational Services

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Comprised of experienced veterinary professionals, a GLP-compliant surgical suite and a 200-acre campus for large animal care and housing, our preclinical research team—Preclinical Translational Services—can conduct studies directly with you or in collaboration with a faculty expert.

Our Specialized Preclinical Team

Preclinical Translational Services is led by experienced veterinary clinicians and surgeons and is comprised of veterinary research technicians with expertise in clinical care, model development and experimental surgery.

We provide high-caliber investigative technical, clinical and surgical services, with specialized experience in large animal models such as pigs, sheep and nonhuman primates. Learn more about our capabilities by reading about the team leads: Susan Appt, DVM, section head of Comparative Medicine and director of Preclinical Translational Services, and Heather Deloid, DVM, associate surgical research veterinarian.

Our Expertise

Our skills and expertise can help you produce quality preclinical data that meet regulatory and industry standards. Explore how Preclinical Translational Services can contribute to the success of your study.

Surgical and Anesthetic Capabilities

Our team has a wealth of surgical, anesthesia, and technical expertise to perform all components of your study, including complicated and innovative procedures.

Clinical Veterinary Capabilities

Our team has the clinical veterinary experience to manage a variety of disease models and investigate the safety and efficacy of your novel therapeutic

Study Design

Utilizing our knowledge of preclinical protocols, animal models and project management, we design research studies to meet your needs.

Veterinary Care

Our team includes two veterinarians and four research technicians who offer a depth of expertise in animal care, enrichment, and housing and can help troubleshoot study obstacles. Quality animal care creates quality study results.

Large Animal Studies

We specialize in large animal models, including sheep, pigs and nonhuman primates, but we also perform studies with smaller animal models. Draw on our expertise with a wide range of animals to help identify the best animal model for your project.

Model Development

In addition to a range of established animal models, our team offers expertise in developing custom animal models uniquely suited for your research project. If your study requires a new model for testing, we have the know-how to make that happen.

Diet Formulation

Our diet preparation laboratory creates custom nonhuman primate and other animal diets that can include therapeutics or represent various human nutritional environments, such as Western and Mediterranean-like diets.

Good Laboratory Practices

If your preclinical study needs to be GLP-compliant, we have the training and the state-of-the-art facilities necessary to run GLP studies that produce the quality results you expect.

Take a Closer Look

Download our brochure to learn more about how Preclinical Translational Services can support your study, including a list of common procedures, imaging capabilities and other unique resources.

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