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Your entry to collaborative research with Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is Wake Forest Innovations, which enables easy access to our world-class investigators providing professional preclinical and clinical research services.

Your Single Point of Contact

Wake Forest Innovations expedites your access to our preclinical and clinical research capabilities.

We locate the right researchers and groups for you, provide a single point of contact for agreement negotiation and then schedule the specialized resources you need—so that you can focus on your research goals.

Facilitating your access is our Alliance Management team. The team consists of preclinical and clinical experts with experience in industry and academia. Your contact for a study will handle all the coordination of investigators and other groups at Wake Forest Baptist, from initial contact to final results. Our team will provide the responsiveness that you expect from a contract research organization backed by the expertise of a leading academic medical center.

Our Research Services

Explore our primary research services available to industry partners.
Preclinical Research
Wake Forest Innovations offers a one-stop shop for the preclinical resources and expertise you need to meet your research needs. From teams of interdisciplinary investigators and groups with technical and surgical skills to unique animal models and resources only found at leading academic institutions, we can provide the right combination to make your study a success.
Clinical Studies
At Wake Forest Baptist, we conduct hundreds of clinical trials each year to detect, treat and prevent disease and to measure the effectiveness of novel medical devices and therapeutics. We will line up the right combination of experts, patients and resources to create a custom fit for your clinical study.
Technical Services
To complement your study, we can coordinate a range of resources that can support primary investigators in creative ways. From advanced imaging to human body modeling, these unique services provide opportunities for research avenues you may not have considered before and can help solve particularly complex research problems.
Operational Medicine
Wake Forest Operational Medicine provides advanced medical training to elite medics and operators from the U.S. armed services and other government agencies, as well as allied military forces from around the globe.

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Find Specialized Research Services

Whether a specific animal model or a unique clinical strength, find specialized and targeted research expertise available at Wake Forest Baptist by searching the catalog below. Or to learn about the primary disease areas we research, explore our Therapeutic Areas pages.