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The Center for Industry Research Collaboration at Wake Forest Innovations is reshaping the way academic institutions engage with industry partners to conduct and manage preclinical and clinical research. Comprised of both academic and industry experts, our team makes research collaboration approachable and seamless so that, together, we can shape the future of drug and device development.
Sue Appt

Sue Appt, DVM

Associate Director, Preclinical Translational Services

As leader of Preclinical Translational Services, Susan Appt ensures that her team of surgical and technical staff have access to the resources they need to support faculty and industry studies at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and Wake Forest School of Medicine. Appt draws from her extensive expertise in large animal studies and model development to guide and manage preclinical studies supported by her team. She brings a “team player” philosophy to her job and is passionate about helping each person accomplish their part of the team’s mission.

Heather Deloid

Heather Deloid, DVM

Associate Surgical Research Veterinarian

Heather DeLoid works with industry partners and researchers from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center to coordinate surgical and veterinary clinical support for preclinical studies, often serving as the lead surgeon with a team of veterinary technicians. She pulls from her experiences in preclinical contract research, the medical device industry and clinical veterinary practice to design and perform studies. An outgoing person, DeLoid enjoys interacting with a variety of clinicians, researchers and industry sponsors to build relationships and foster collaboration.

Erica Hale

Erica Hale, MS

Project Manager, Alliance Management

Erica Hale coordinates and supports industry-funded clinical research conducted by the clinicians and researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. With more than 15 years of conducting clinical trials, Hale uses her experience in both clinical trials management and research to build and maintain successful academic-industry relationships. Her passion is helping Wake Forest Baptist faculty make new discoveries through successful partnerships.

Chris Jerome

Chris Jerome, BVetMed, PhD

Associate Vice President

Chris Jerome, BVetMed, PhD, leads the Center for Industry Research Collaboration at Wake Forest Innovations, including Alliance Management, Preclinical Translational Services and Operational Medicine. His focus is to improve health by expediting industry’s access to specialized clinical and research capabilities of Wake Forest Baptist faculty and staff. His teams provide advanced surgical, technical and project management support that enables execution of industry-funded projects led by faculty.

Previously, Jerome held senior leadership roles at several contract research organizations (CROs), serving as co-founder and CEO of SkeleTech and most recently as Scientific Director at Numira. Jerome is a former Associate Professor of Comparative Medicine at Wake Forest School of Medicine.

Jade Lackey

Jade Lackey

Associate Project Manager

Jade Lackey provides support for preclinical industry-sponsored research through study design, data collection methods and strategies for data management, in addition to serving as a liaison between study sponsors and researchers. She brings valuable scientific experience from her extensive background working in nonhuman primate research. Because of her outgoing personality, Lackey enjoys building relationships with both faculty and industry sponsors.

Terry Ladd

Terry Ladd, MBA

Director of Business Development

Terry Ladd, MBA, engages industry to establish research collaborations with Wake Forest Baptist faculty. In his more than 25 years in business development and marketing for preclinical contract research organizations, Ladd has developed working relationships with every major pharmaceutical company, numerous medical device manufacturers and countless biotechnology companies located in the U.S. and around the world. Ladd’s ability to seek out creative solutions helps him match client needs with research capabilities and interests of Wake Forest researchers.

Heather Ramsay

Heather Ramsay, PhD

Program Director

Heather Ramsay leads the Alliance Management team that builds collaborative relationships between the researchers and clinicians of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and industry partners. Her focus is streamlining processes and investing in the members of Wake Forest Baptist to facilitate industry-sponsored preclinical and clinical research. Her unique blend of experience in both academia and industry helps her bridge the two worlds and create partnerships that she believes are essential to improving medical technologies and treatments.

Catherine Roy

Catherine Roy, PhD

Project Manager, Alliance Management

Catherine (Ward) Roy supports faculty in developing collaborative partnerships with industry to conduct clinical research and trials. Previously coordinating clinical research with the military, Roy gained extensive experience identifying industry partners and facilitating complex projects across institutional lines. She is passionate about bridging industry and academia to work together toward a common goal.

Jessica Snyder

Jessica Snyder

Manager, Business Development

Jessica Snyder conducts market research and business performance analysis to align the institutional expertise of Wake Forest Baptist with the needs of industry partners. She brings a wealth of science-based knowledge from her background in infectious disease and cancer research, in addition to her understanding of industry research and development trends. Being naturally inquisitive, Snyder loves that her job allows her to go in search of answers that lead to decisions in operations, strategy and program development.

Ken Szeliga

Ken Szeliga, MS

Senior Project Manager

Ken Szeliga coordinates partnerships between industry sponsors and the experts and resources of Wake Forest Baptist Medical to promote preclinical research. His scientific background in experimental psychology—10 years of bench experience and 12 years in study conduct—gives him an understanding of how to move a medical device or new therapeutic from early discovery to the clinic. Through his work in both academia and industry, Szeliga has gained valuable experience that allows him to successfully manage academic-industry collaborations.