What Makes Us Different

Simplifying Research Collaboration

At Wake Forest Innovations, we understand the risks and costs associated with bringing your new technologies from preclinical research to the market and all the checkpoints in between. But we also recognize the challenges commonly associated with interacting with an academic medical center.

That’s why we make it easy for you to access our leading experts and unique resources so you can work smarter and faster to develop your technologies and get them into the market.

About Research Collaboration

Research collaboration at Wake Forest Innovations expedites industry access to the specialized preclinical and clinical research capabilities of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. When you partner with us, we create interdisciplinary research teams of leading scientists and clinicians to help you assess and test your therapeutics and medical devices in development.

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Industry + Academia: How R&D Partnerships are the Key to the Future of Innovation

When medical device and therapeutic companies work on a new product, there are a few vital—and challenging—steps that take place between developing technologies and introducing them into the real-world.
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How Alliance Management Can be Your Secret Weapon

Wake Forest Innovations’ Alliance Management team—primarily made up of staff who have worked in industry—is uniquely positioned to offer you an industry-friendly approach to partnering with Wake Forest Baptist researchers and clinicians. We understand your challenges and pain points and we keep that perspective top of mind through the entire process.

What makes us different from other academic institutions?

We actively help solve your problems.

Our approach goes way beyond conventional research services. We expedite direct access to the expertise and resources of a leading academic medical center, identifying the right suite of investigators, capabilities and services to address your most challenging research problems. We connect you to experts who can develop creative solutions and resources that are not available at a standard contract research organization. Then our team will make connections for you, navigating between all the players involved in your study.

We break the mold of traditional academic medical centers.

We understand that partnering with academia can be challenging. That’s why we are intentional about simplifying and expediting the administrative aspects of the contract research process that frequently complicate projects. For example, we provide you with a single point of contact throughout your study, rather than having to navigate multiple institutional entities.

Our staff has years of industry experience, giving them insight into your expectations for research studies. We are driven by project milestones and ensure your study is conducted in compliance with all federal regulations, delivering results on time and to your standards.

We build relationships between you and our faculty.

Our passion is in recruiting a customized team of scientists, veterinarians, surgeons and clinicians to tackle your toughest scientific questions. We’ll make sure that you have access to state-of-the-art laboratories and imaging resources and the expert technicians to manage these cutting-edge technologies. Throughout all phases of your study—from initial design to final reporting—we’ll ensure you have direct and transparent access to your research team.