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About Technology Innovation & Commercialization

Wake Forest Innovations helps you develop your ideas for novel therapeutics, vaccines, medical devices and diagnostics products. We provide expertise in technology development and commercialization from our collective experience in both academic research and industry. We put all that knowledge to work for you, guiding you through path to innovation.

Idea. Invention. Innovation.

i3 - Ideate Invent Innovate

Our focus is on innovation. Here, “innovation” is far more than a buzzword; it’s what drives how we work with our faculty and staff.

We transform ideas from inventors at Wake Forest Baptist into market-changing innovations through our “i3” approach.

Our i3 approach—which stands for “Idea. Invention. Innovation.”—reflects our goal to advance your technology idea through industry standard milestones to a point where industry partners license and move them to the market, so they can significantly improve patient care and outcomes.

Idea – Every successful health care technology has to begin somewhere. At Wake Forest Innovations, it begins with an idea from you — our world-class faculty and staff.

Invention – The idea is only the beginning. Ideas must be evaluated, developed  and then protected. That’s when they become an invention. But a patented invention is not the end of the journey. Wake Forest Innovations goes much further by investing time, resources and money into developing technologies in a way that will maximize their effect in the marketplace.

Innovation – An innovation is an invention that not only reaches the market, but  transforms it. Our team works directly with you to develop ideas for health care technologies into market-changing innovations. That is our mission.

Path to Innovation

Interested in how we help develop your idea into an innovation? Explore our “Path to Innovation” to learn about the nuts and bolts of developing your medical technology.

Not quite ready to submit? Rather talk to someone in-person? Make an appointment with our Medical Device Accelerator team to start the conversation.

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Not quite ready to submit?

Rather talk to someone in-person? Make an appointment with our Medical Device Accelerator team to start the conversation.

Benefits of Developing Your Technology with Wake Forest Innovations

Development Resources

Working with us gives you access to development resources of Wake Forest Innovations, which includes design and prototyping services, market landscape research and strategic planning for the protection, development and licensing of technologies.
Development Resources


Through resources like Commercial Pathway Awards and our unique Catalyst Fund, we help inventors apply for funding that moves their technologies forward.

i3 Workshop

You know the science of your technology, but what’s the business case for it? We will walk you, the inventor, through a workshop that helps you think about your idea from a business perspective. The outcome? We help establish your idea’s value proposition and formulate a technology development path and business plan to achieve that value.

Patent Protection

We protect your ideas by helping you navigate the world of the patent, copyright and trademark process and providing the expertise of patent experts and attorneys.
Patent Protection

Meet the Team

Our team understands the journey of technology development and pushes beyond ideas and inventions to produce innovations that improve health.
Meet the Team

Disclose Your Invention

The first step to intellectual property protection is disclosing your invention. Submit an invention disclosure form to begin the process of protecting your intellectual property.

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