Preclinical Research

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Wake Forest Innovations is your bridge to preclinical research partnerships with industry.

A Partner in Industry-Sponsored Preclinical Research

Wake Forest Innovations supports a variety of preclinical studies, from basic science to translational nonhuman primate studies. If you want to work with industry, we are here to help you. In addition to building relationships with industry for you, our team provides customized support tailored to the needs of each individual study.

Once the prospect of an industry-sponsored study is on the table, we can help you write the proposal and manage all the paperwork—like contract negotiation and data reporting—so that you can stay focused on the science. In addition, our staff can expedite access to other resources within Wake Forest Baptist, including our extensive catalogue of preclinical models, our veterinary support team and advanced imaging capabilities.

Our goal is to provide the support you need to make your preclinical study a success.

Preclinical Translational Services

Wake Forest Innovations features an in-house surgical and technical services group—Preclinical Translational Services—dedicated to supporting researchers at the Medical Center in completing quality preclinical studies. This team of veterinary surgeons and technicians provide expertise in all aspects of preclinical animal research—from model design to GLP reporting standards.
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Benefits of Working with Wake Forest Innovations

Industry Relationships

We continue to build on-going relationships with industry sponsors, and if you are in the market for an industry-sponsored study we can help you find the right fit. That can mean connecting you with current sponsors we already work with or wooing a new industry partner who meets your needs.


Industry partnerships can provide valuable funding for your lab and fill in the gaps in grant funding, many times with opportunities for follow-on funding. Diversify your funding portfolio with industry-sponsored studies.

Internal Resources

When you work with Wake Forest Innovations, we can connect you with resources within the Medical Center, including a host of core labs created to assist with faculty studies. We can also do the legwork involved in bringing in other faculty members to contribute to interdisciplinary studies.

Project Management

Our Alliance Management team can help with the coordination of external studies, simplifying the process of conducting research industry. They customize their involvement to meet your needs, offering help with coordinating all the parties involved in a study, communicating with the sponsor, data collection and reporting needs.

Industry Standards

Our team helps ensure that the results of your study are formatted to industry standards and match expectations for deadlines. We take that piece off your plate so you can focus on the science of the study.

Technical Support

If you’re in need of technical support for your study, our Alliance Management team can help marshal the resources you need, taking the guesswork out of the process. Our in-house surgical services team can assist with the surgical and anesthesia components of your study.

Simplifying Studies

We customize our services to the needs of your specific study and will do anything we can to make industry-sponsored research a mutually beneficial experience for you and your industry partner.

How Can We Support Your Preclinical Research?

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