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Your Link to Industry-Sponsored Research

Wake Forest Innovations helps you find industry studies that can advance your research interests and new opportunities to work on transformative technologies headed to the marketplace and into patient care.

We handle the paperwork and logistics so you can focus on the science.

How Can Wake Forest Innovations Support Your Study?

We partner with researchers and clinicians through our Alliance Management team, a dedicated resource made up of individuals with experience in both academic and industry research. Alliance Management helps create a bridge between potential industry partners and you, the scientific and clinical experts of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. 

When you collaborate on preclinical or clinical research with industry partners, our Alliance Management team can handle the project management aspects of the study, coordinate with the various groups involved at the Medical Center and find additional resources you need, like surgical support or interdisciplinary input from your colleagues.

Here are some steps that our alliance management team can handle so you can focus on the science:

  • Coordinate site visits
  • Manage confidentiality agreements
  • Develop budgets and protocols
  • Obtain regulatory approvals
  • Develop contracts
  • Coordinate preclinical studies
  • Invoicing
  • Manage and archive data
  • Complete reports

Finding the Right Industry Fit

At Wake Forest Innovations, our staff develop relationships with Wake Forest Baptist investigators and industry sponsors to find the right industry partner for your research. We can help you make the right match through two methods:

  • Outside-In: We establish relationships with industry partners, so that we can bring in study requests—from early discovery to Phase III and IV clinical trials—to match with the right Wake Forest Baptist investigator.
  • Inside-Out: If you’re looking for a partner in a specific research expertise, we can help bridge the gap with industry by finding companies working in your area and establishing relationships that lead to research projects.

Whether you are conducting preclinical or clinical studies, we can boost your industry-sponsored research efforts. From finding the right industry fit and marshaling vital resources to providing project management services and assisting in reporting, Wake Forest Innovations has the expertise to help make your study a success.

Learn more about how we can contribute to your preclinical and clinical research.

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