Collaborate with Industry

Why Work with Industry?

Academic-industry partnerships have become increasingly common as a convergence of factors—the specialization of R&D, increasing health care costs, need for new sources of research funding, science needing to be relevant, etc.—make collaboration necessary and beneficial to both parties. Pursuing research relationships with industry gives academic researchers a range of benefits, including opening new research possibilities, adding translational research into your portfolio, contributing to treatments and products that benefit society and the possibility of diversifying your funding.

A New Approach to Industry Collaboration

To help scientists and clinicians of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center to participate in industry-academic partnerships, the Center for Industry Research Collaboration provides communication, technical and administrative support for industry studies. We help you find industry partners, negotiate the many components of an industry study, manage the project—and everything in between.

Whether you are conducting preclinical research or clinical studies, the Center for Industry Research Collaboration can streamline your industry-sponsored research by:

  • Finding the right industry partner for your research
  • Marshaling vital internal and external resources
  • Providing project management services
  • Assisting in reporting and contracting
  • Regulatory compliance

Learn more about how the Center for Industry Research Collaboration can support your preclinical and clinical research studies.

Streamlining the Process of Working With Industry

There are site visits, confidentiality agreements, budget development, protocols, regulatory approvals and contract negotiation—and those all happen before the science even starts. Then begins study coordination, data management, reporting and more.

Accomplishing all of these tasks requires coordination and communication between groups that span the Medical Center, including the Office of Sponsored Programs, the Institutional Review Board, the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, the Office of Clinical Research, core laboratories, not to mention the study sponsor.

That’s why the Center has a dedicated Alliance Management team—made up of experts with industry and academic experience—that handles the business development, administrative elements and paperwork involved in industry-sponsored studies, effectively taking the “work” out of “working with industry.”

Alliance Management can handle all the contracting, coordinating and communicating that it takes to ensure a successful industry study at Wake Forest Baptist.

You focus on the science; we will handle the paperwork.

Learn More about Working with Industry

Contact the Center for Industry Research Collaboration to explore opportunities for conducting preclinical or clinical research with industry partners and the value those relationships can bring to your research.
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