Vascular Territory Segmentation Software

The visualization and quantification of the perfusion territories from major feeding arteries in the brain is important for many clinical applications, yet all such MRI processing techniques require operator intervention and/or complicated processing which limits applications for routine clinical exams. This algorithm and associated software have generated precise vessel territory maps using connectivity information from both image and label space.

Invention Summary

This algorithm and software is designed to segment vascular territory data indicating potential source locations.

Competitive Benefits

  • No vessel location information required
  • Automatic – no need for manual edit
  • Simple and fast
  • Resolution of multiple arteries
  • Software is compatible with current scanners

Application Fields

  • Mapping perfusion sources for the brain; helpful in arterial occlusion from plaques or chemotherapy-induced stenosis
  • Measuring the contribution of various arteries to points of interest within the brain, such as a tumor or stroke-affected areas
  • Non-invasively probing the brain for congenital quirks of the vasculature


  • The software development has been completed.
  • The finished product has been successfully tested in human subjects with clinical machines.


Youngkyoo Jung, PhD

Licensing Contact

Deepika Poranki
Industry Relations & Business Development

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