Time- and Money-Saving Radiation Protection Equipment Tracking System

Mandatory safety inspection of radiology protective equipment for regulatory requirements requires meticulous inventory management and can often lead to inefficient or redundant workflow in the absence of a suitable tracking system. The Pulse Finder RFID (radiofrequency identification) EnhancedTM is a solution that facilitates fast and accurate tracking of radiology equipment.

Invention Summary

Inventors at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center have developed the Pulse Finder RFID Enhanced tracking device and software system for radiology vests and other protective equipment, such as gloves, aprons or eyewear. Equipment is uniquely identified and referenced to an online database for tracking maintenance status. By incorporating a RFID system into the equipment management program, staff can quickly locate and identify individual equipment for tracking and servicing. Efficient tracking ensures that required servicing occurs on schedule, benefiting both workflow and radiology staff safety.


  • RFID tags are easily incorporated into existing equipment
  • Tracking system greatly reduces time required for staff to locate and identify equipment
  • Pulse Finder RFID Enhanced eliminates the problem of lost radiology equipment
  • RFID system capable of detecting tags at up to 20 feet away and does not require line-of-sight
  • Implementation at Wake Forest Baptist Health projected to save the medical center $15,000 over the next five years

Application Fields

  • Tracking medical radiology equipment and other medical devices
  • Maintaining up-to-date service records for clean audits
  • Rapid location of specific equipment in storage rooms


  • Pulse Finder RFID Enhanced has been successfully implemented at Wake Forest Baptist Health, a major medical center


  • Ronald A. Noel
  • Stuart Grogan


U.S. Patent PCT 61/710,157

Licensing Contact

Charlie Shaw, PhD


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