Subdural Hematoma Port

Clinical experts at Wake Forest have designed an improved Subdural Hematoma Port that combines the proven clinical utility of existing hematoma ports with an added functionality to mechanically break-up clots that obstruct the port.


Subdural hematomas can develop clots that can obstruct a drainage port such as the Medtronic SEPS product ($1,000 per kit). When an obstruction forms, it must be removed before drainage can continue. Having to remove the drainage port is wasteful, time-consuming and represents an additional infection risk for the patient.


Wake Forest’s Subdural Hematoma Port incorporates a stylet that can mechanically disrupt an obstructed drainage port and restore flow.

Competitive Benefits

The Wake Forest improved Subdural Hematoma Port should permit a healthcare professional to clear an obstructed hematoma port quickly and easily.

Stage of Development

An initial prototype has been created that is suitable for preliminary testing.


Charles Branch, Jr., MD

Patent Status

U.S. Patent 8,403,878
Additional patents pending

Licensing Contact

John Druga

Reference #: WFU 09-13

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