One-Card Presbyopia Systems

A Novel System for Vision Correction: One-Card Presbyopia Systems and Related Methods

Invention Summary

Researchers have developed a “one-card” technique, allowing LASIK procedures to simultaneously correct distance vision and presbyopia with a single ablation profile. The “one-card” technique mathematically merges the two ablation profiles, allowing both of the patient’s vision problems to be corrected at once.

Market Need

Traditional LASIK only corrects distance vision, requiring the “aged-eye” to still need reading glasses for close work. A second laser pass procedure is often used to enhance near vision while maintaining distance acuity. Many eye centers now offer a combined Presby-LASIK plus traditional LASIK package to correct both presbyopia and distance vision by “double carding” the two laser ablations. “Double-carding” refers to the prepaid card that physicians buy from the laser company and use to activate the laser machine. However, this “double-card” procedure results in two separate laser procedures, wasting time and money. It also can cause less predictable results because the patient’s cornea may become dry between the two laser procedures.


  • Cost savings
  • Time efficiencies
  • Improved patient outcomes and experience


  • Testing clinically
  • Patent Pending


Keith Walter, MD

Licensing Contact

Dean Stell
Associate Director, Industry Relations & Business Development

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