Ultrasound-Guided Invasive Procedure Trainer

Designed for use in maternal-fetal medicine, this ultrasound simulation device features adjustable components that make it suitable for training at various levels of expertise in all fields in which ultrasound-guided invasive procedures are employed.


Ultrasound-guided invasive procedures (such as amniocentesis) are delicate tasks that require hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity and other abilities. Clinicians need to acquire, develop and practice these skills in a risk-free environment before performing such procedures in a clinical setting. But the devices currently available for training in ultrasound-guided invasive procedures simulate specific anatomic structures with fixed target constructs, which severely limits their instructional utility.


A Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center physician who instructs postgraduate fellows in maternal-fetal medicine invented a training device with a number of interchangeable and moveable targets. This simulator can be configured to be more or less challenging and to mimic various patient situations for different procedures in maternal-fetal medicine and other fields.

The ultrasound simulation device was received favorably by clinicians at the 2015 meeting of the Society of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Duke University Hospital and UNC Hospitals. It is currently being used to train postgraduate fellows at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

Competitive Benefits

  • Ÿ Less expensive than existing devices
  •  Lightweight, compact and portable
  • Ÿ No mechanical or electronic components
  • Ÿ More adjustable and versatile than existing devices
  • Ÿ Can be configured to provide exercises with varying degrees of difficulty
  • Ÿ Can be configured to mimic various patient situations and different procedures
  • Ÿ Suitable for training in all fields that employ ultrasound-guided invasive procedures

Clinical Benefit

Ÿ Contributes to patient safety and outcomes by providing clinicians performing procedures with appropriate preliminary experience.

Application Fields

Medical education in maternal-fetal medicine, interventional radiology and other fields that employ ultrasound-guided invasive procedures.

Stage of Development

A functional prototype has been developed and can be demonstrated.


Joshua M. Nitsche, MD, PhD
Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Brian C. Brost, MD
Maternal-Fetal Medicine.

Patent Status

PCT Application Filed


Nitsche JF, Russell BC, Trinidad MC, Brost BC. Development of a targeting task trainer for ultrasound-guided needle procedures. Obstet Gynecol. 2014;123(Suppl 1):19S.

Nitsche JF, Brost BC. Obstetric ultrasound simulation. Semin Perinatol. 2013;37(3):199-204.

Nitsche JF, Brost BC. The use of simulation in maternal-fetal medicine procedure training. Semin Perinatol. 2013;37(3):189-198.

Licensing Contact

John Druga

Reference #: WFU 14-76

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