Fourier Encoded Arterial Spin Labeling Software

Current methods of arterial spin labeling-based vascular territory mapping require extensive pre-planning to tailor the scan to each patient and have slow scan speeds, resulting in long and costly MRI sessions. Fourier encoded arterial spin labeling removes any requirements for operator intervention, generating a much faster scan while actually increasing resolution. This method does not suffer from tagging errors and can be used efficiently even with carotid stents or aneurysm clips. No contrast is required and individual sources of blood flow can be resolved on a per-voxel basis.

Invention Summary

This software automatically determines vessels’ locations, resulting in scan times of less than 5 minutes. It can also easily track the path of blood flow as it mixes or branches elsewhere throughout the circulatory system. The program’s outputs are blood flow maps that use color to distinguish the relative contributions of blood sources at each point in the brain.


  • Decreased scan time
  • Improved resolution and immunity to errors causing signal loss or inaccurate results
  • No contrast
  • Improved patient experience and imaging success
  • Compatible with current scanners

Application Fields

  • Mapping perfusion sources for the brain; helpful in arterial occlusion from plaques or chemotherapy-induced stenosis
  • Measuring the relative contribution of various arteries to points of interest within the brain, such as a tumor or stroke-affected areas
  • Non-invasively probing the brain for congenital quirks of the vasculature

Stage of Development

  • Pulse sequence and post-processing have been fully developed.
  • The software has been successfully tested in human subjects with clinical machines.


Youngkyoo Jung, PhD


Licensing Contact

Stephen J. Susalka, PhD, CLP

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