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Wake Forest Innovations has a versatile portfolio of technologies available for license. Browse our featured technologies listed below or learn more about the licensing process. Each featured technologies is available for license, please contact us for additional information.

Compact, Wireless Brain Activity Device

The Universal Brain Activity Transmitter (UBAT), a compact, wireless recording system, analyzes, compresses and transmits individual neural activity data via Bluetooth technology, from distances up to 30 meters. The device has flexible recording capabilities and the capacity for robust transmission in diverse environments. Learn more.

A Fabric that Can Produce Energy from Heat

Power Felt, a thermoelectric fabric that converts heat to electrical power, is created using layers of carbon nanotubes and plastic insulation, but has the flexibility and feel of felt fabric. Power Felt can convert any temperature differential into electricity. Examples include the difference between body and air temperature, engine heat and air temperature, or indoor and outdoor temperature. Learn more about this energy-producing fabric.

Novel Cytotoxins that Selectively Target and Kill Cancer Cells In Vivo

Novel, potent cytotoxins based on a platform of the tumor suppressor protein ephrinA1 as a targeting delivery protein selectively kill cancer cells while sparing normal cells. The cytotoxic conjugates are excellent candidates for developing targeted therapeutics for various solid tumor cancers, including Glioblastoma multiforme, head, neck, pancreatic, ovarian and prostate cancers. Learn more.

Unsupervised Agent-based Learning System that Mimics the Problem-Solving Pattern of Human Brain

The Agent Based Brain Model (ABBM) utilizes brain connectivity information generated from imaging modalities such as fMRI that enable the interference of functional interdependence between brain regions. This innovation inputs human imaging data into the system, resulting in a computer-based system that has the potential to produce emergent solutions in a fashion similar to the human brain. Learn more.

A Novel System for Vision Correction: One-Card Presbyopia Systems and Related Methods

The One-Card technique allows LASIK procedures to simultaneously correct both distance vision and presbyopia with a single ablation profile. Learn more.

Improved Device for Changing Endotracheal Tubes

Current devices to facilitate exchanging endotracheal tubes are limited in visual scope and stability of use. The endotracheal tube exchanger, used in conjunction with a fiber optic bronchoscope, allows the physician to directly visualize the internal airway as the old tube is cut and removed, allowing the new endotracheal tube to slide into place quickly and accurately. The disposable device includes a slicing tool and oral stabilizer that securely fastens the fiber optic scope and protects the patient’s mouth during tube exchange. Learn More.

A Texturized Aspiration-Irrigation Tip for Cataract Surgery

The unique handpiece tip, featuring a texturizing patch, provides enhanced capsule polishing capabilities for cataract surgery. The device gives the surgeon an ideal amount of control and accessibility, presenting a more convenient option so that polishing of an eye capsule concurrently with the irrigation and removal of disintegrated tissue may be achieved. Learn more.

Cell Disk Simplifies Biopsy Analysis

Cell Disk is a novel method for cytological and histological assessment of patient biopsies. The Cell Disk device collects cell samples taken during fine needle aspirate biopsies and features an innovative design that minimizes cell loss and allows for immediate processing of the cell block. Learn more.

A Low Cost, Versatile Method for Fabricating Thin Films to Generate High Performance Organic Thin-Film Transistors (OTFTs)

Researchers have engineered a novel method for preparing organic thin films, resulting in the production of OTFTs with performance characteristics that are approximately equivalent to those produced from single crystals at a fraction of the cost. The method is inexpensive to implement, allows for efficient power consumptions (0.7V threshold voltage) and delivers high-throughput at low cost. Learn more.

Potent, Cost-effective Flagellin-based Vaccines

Researchers have developed and manufactured a number of new vaccines predicated on a platform of flagellin as an adjuvant and carrier of a range of protein antigens. Flagellin fusion protein vaccines have been developed against plague, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, drugs of abuse/addiction, cancer and pneumococcus. The new approach of using the proven adjuvant flagellin as an antigen carrier provides highly potent and cost-effective vaccines and a versatile platform for developing multiple preventive and therapeutic vaccines. Learn more.

Demon Voltammetry and Analysis Software

Researchers at Wake Forest  Baptist Medical Center have developed software for performing fast scan cyclic voltammetry recordings in brain tissue for detection of neurotransmitters. This Demon Voltammetry and Analysis Software is written in the graphical programming language, LabView (National Instruments, Austin TX) and provides a command voltage to a potentiostat or existing freely moving equipment, while performing simultaneous recordings of resultant current waveforms. Learn more.

Predictor of Enriched Protein Domains with Microarray Expression Data (PED-MED) Software

This software is known as PED-MED and is used for analysis / prediction of of enriched protein domains. Learn More

For more information on our featured technologies, contact us. See additional technologies available for license.

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