Demon Voltammetry and Analysis Software Academic License

Demon Voltammetry and Analysis Software licenses are available free of charge to academic users via our academic online licensing process. This applies only to individuals who have a full-time academic appointment at a non-profit academic and/or research institution. You will be required to provide an email address associated with a valid, active account with an academic and/or research institution.

As part of our academic online licensing process, academic license applicants must certify their affiliation with an academic or other research institution. Wake Forest University Health Sciences (“WFUHS”) reserves the right to independently verify any or all such certifications. Furthermore, licensees agree to use the Demon Voltammetry and Analysis Software for non-commercial internal research use only.

Academic licensees, to maintain a free license:

  • May not use the Software for any commercial purposes without the consent of WFUHS.
  • Must maintain all WFUHS copyright, trademark, or other notices.
  • May not distribute Demon Voltammetry Analysis Software, or permit any third party to obtain access to Demon Voltammetry Analysis Software in any form or for any reason.
  • Agree to provide WFUHS with feedback on the use and any modification of the Demon Voltammetry and Analysis Software, and further agree that WFUHS is permitted to use any information Institution provides in making changes to the Demon Voltammetry and Analysis Software. All bug reports, technical questions, or modifications to the Software shall be sent to or
  • Must acknowledge in their respective publications the use of the Demon Voltammetry and Analysis Software in their research. You agree to cite the following in any research publication using the Demon Voltammetry and Analysis Software: Yorgason, J.T., España, R.A. Jones S.R. (2011) Demon voltammetry and analysis software: Analysis of cocaine-induced alterations in dopamine signaling using multiple kinetic measures. Journal of Neuroscience Methods, doi:10.1016/j.jneumeth.2011.03.001.
  • Institutional Contact

  • This person is responsible for administering this agreement on behalf of the Institution
  • Technical Contact

  • This person is authorized by Institution to receive the Software and conduct all technical correspondence with WFUHS
  • Please carefully read the following WFUHS Non-Exclusive End- User License Agreement ("Agreement"). By selecting the "Accept the terms in the license agreement" option below this Agreement, you indicate your irrevocable acceptance of its terms and conditions and agree to be bound as set forth therein. Further, your acceptance signifies your understanding and acknowledgment that this Agreement constitutes and contains the total agreement between the Institution and WFUHS with respect to this transaction. In accepting this Agreement, you further acknowledge that any agreements entered into prior or contemporaneously with this Agreement are excluded, whether oral or in writing. By selecting the "Accept the terms in the license agreement" option, you specifically acknowledge, represent, and agree that any other terms and conditions contained in an invoice, acknowledge, purchase order or other document sent by or on behalf of you or the organization you represent in this transaction shall be void and of no effect. Finally, your selection of the "Accept the terms in the license agreement" option is a representation and warranty that you have the requisite authority and legal capacity to bind your organization to this Agreement. By clicking "Accept the terms in the license agreement" without reading the agreement, Institution nevertheless agrees to be bound by all of the terms of the Agreement without limitation.
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