Deacon Software: Quick and Efficient Real-Time Patient Analysis

The Deacon software is a web-based program that combines time efficiency and quick patient analysis on an easily accessible electronic tablet. Current methods use redundant handwritten processes and data transfers that are prone to errors. This software program enhances health care functionality by allowing real-time patient analysis and speeding the billing process, permitting providers to focus on patients instead of paperwork.

Invention Summary

This web-based program is designed to run on a tablet, simplifying physical therapists’ patient notations. Providers can use the standard inputs for each test performed, slashing time required for writing. The portability of a tablet and speed of entry encourages full note taking immediately at each appointment instead of handwritten shorthand notes that must be expanded into formal records at the end of the day.


  • Reduces errors from delayed notations
  • Works in real-time to track patients’ progress, note their improvement on each task, and better tailor therapy to each individual
  • Add provider notes to the templates for common activities
  • View patient data graphically to simplify analysis
  • Analytics aid in tailoring each patient’s treatment

Stage of Development

  • Completed alpha software testing and will begin beta testing for development


  • Harrison G. Frank, MD
  • Kirk Steele

Licensing Contact

Deepika Poranki

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