Wake Forest Baptist Offering a Fertility Preservation Opportunity to Young Boys with Cancer

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center is offering young boys with cancer an opportunity to participate in a research study on fertility preservation. The study by the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) provides boys at high risk for sterility from cancer treatments the opportunity to store testicular tissue for future use.

WFIRM is one of only a few centers worldwide providing a fertility preservation option for young boys with cancer. Researchers believe they can extract spermatogonial stem cells from the patients’ stored tissue, which may allow the boys to produce sperm after they mature through the re-injection of cells.

Currently, there are no banks for young boys to store testicular tissue, though fertility preservation options do exist for young girls and older men and women. According to Thomas McLean, MD, who leads the experimental biological bank with Hooman Sadri-Ardekani, MD, PhD, “Our hope is that by the time they are adults, these stored cells can be used to restore their fertility.”

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