Three More Reasons to Attend BIO 2016

The BIO International Convention lists 10 good reasons to attend BIO 2016 in San Francisco on June 6-9.

Wake Forest Innovations has a few more.

1. Learn how our “collaborative innovation” model works for you

At Wake Forest Innovations, we improve health through collaborative innovation. To us, collaborative innovation means understanding the unmet medical needs in health care and engaging industry as partners, not just licensees, in developing technologies to meet these needs.

Come talk to us about collaborative innovation and learn how we model our stage gates after industry standards so that our technologies are more valuable and accessible to you.

2. View our portfolio of technologies ready for an industry partner

Wake Forest Innovations accelerates the development of technologies that improve health care, developed by the physicians and scientists at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and Wake Forest University. Our portfolio includes therapeutics, medical devices, diagnostics, nanotechnologies and translational models. Learn about KPC34, a therapeutic candidate that overcomes resistance mechanisms common in leukemia, TCAng-05, a cyclic peptide that is both cancer fighting and cardioprotective, or one of our other novel technologies.

Meet one-on-one with our therapeutic and diagnostic experts from the Center for Technology Innovation & Commercialization, who can introduce you to valuable health care products that can help your business grow.

3. Ask us about the Catalyst Fund and how it increases the value of our technologies

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center recently created the Catalyst Fund, a $15 million technology development program to accelerate innovative life science technologies within the medical center. These include medical devices, drugs, vaccines, restorative medicines, diagnostics and digital health.

Our commercialization experts will help you discover how the Catalyst Fund can benefit your technology pipeline.


Come visit us in the North Carolina Pavilion, Booth 1713, or set up a meeting ahead of time:

– Use the BIO One-on-One Partnering tool to set up a one-on-one meeting
– Contact us at or +1.336.713.1111 about your particular interests

We’ll see you in San Francisco!