New International Partnership with CHA Health Systems to Support Product Development and Commercialization

Wake Forest Innovations and Seoul, Korea-based CHA Health Systems today signed a Memorandum of Understanding for a broad-based international partnership to include the development and commercialization of products that arise from both organizations. Key to the international partnership will be translational research to bring technologies and therapies from the lab to the clinic.

CHA Health Systems has a unique clinical structure; it can conduct clinical trials in its own hospitals in a time-sensitive and cost-efficient manner, while maintaining the highest quality control standards.

“This collaboration will ultimately benefit patients,” said Dr. Eric Tomlinson, chief innovation officer at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and the head of Wake Forest Innovations. “[It will provide] a mechanism by which promising scientific discoveries can be efficiently translated into innovative therapeutic products.”

Read the full press release about this new international partnership between Wake Forest Innovations and CHA Health Systems.