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The researchers and clinicians at Wake Forest University and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center are leaders in the development and application of innovative technologies, services, clinical applications and research. We’ve led the way in lab-based, preclinical and human trials in women’s health, cancer research, medical device development and diabetes and obesity research and continue to do so with new discoveries and innovations. Discover innovation. Learn more about the newest clinical, research and technology innovations happening at Wake Forest:

Innovative Technologies and Breakthroughs at Wake Forest

KPC34: The Leukemia Therapeutic that Almost Never Was

KPC-34An unexpected partnership has reinvigorated research from the 1990s that may result in a new therapeutic to treat acute leukemia. Read more.

The Road to Repair: Wake Forest’s Ecosystem of Innovation

Sandeep MannavaIt is not unusual for medical residents to be involved in clinical trials. What is unusual is for them to run clinical trials on medical devices that they invented. Read more.

Findings Support Wake Forest Genetic Research on Kidney Transplantation

Kidney TransplantationA new study supports Wake Forest nephrologist Barry I. Freedman’s work demonstrating a genetic link to kidney transplant survival. Read more.

Wound V.A.C. Co-Inventors Receive Medallion of Merit Awards

Wound VACTwo faculty at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, Louis Argenta, MD, FACS, professor and chairman emeritus, and Michael Morykwas, PhD, professor, are the 2015 recipients of Wake Forest University’s highest honor, the Medallion of Merit. Read more.

David Carroll Discusses Needs for Alternative Energy Technologies

David CarrollRenowned physicist and nanotechnologist David L. Carroll, PhD, discusses the entrepreneurial spirit of the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials, and how industry and academia can partner together to solve the world’s energy problems. Read more.

The Sex of Cells Matter

Sarah BergaSarah Berga, MD, a leader in women’s health research at the Wake Forest School of Medicine, shares with Wake Forest Innovations the novel research being conducted on the sex of cells. These discoveries may revolutionize how industry develops therapeutics. Read more.

The Inventive Career of Wake Forest Neurosurgeon, Charles Branch, Jr., MD

Accelerating InnovationCharles Branch, Jr., MD, professor and chair of the department of neurosurgery at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, is a new breed of scientist: part clinician, part investigator, and full-bore innovator. Read more.

Accelerating Innovation Development of Healthcare Products

Accelerating InnovationRead this interview with Eric Tomlinson, DSc, PhD, head of Wake Forest Innovations, about how his organization works with industry to accelerate the development of health care products. Read more.

A Remarkable New Cancer-fighting Discovery at Wake Forest – Angiontensin-(1-7)

Angiotensin-1-7Wake Forest School of Medicine’s Peg Gallagher, PhD, and Ann Tallant, PhD, have discovered the therapeutic and cancer-fighting potential of angiotensin-(1-7). Read more.

New Flagellin-based Vaccine May Put the Bubonic Plague to Rest

Flagellin based vaccineSteve Mizel has discovered the bacteria-fighting capabilities of the flagellin protein and is developing a vaccine that may protect against the bubonic plague. Read more.

Using the Body’s Magnetic System to Improve MRI Diagnoses

Fourier encoded arterial spin labelingSoftware developed by Wake Forest scientist Youngkyoo Jung, Ph.D., uses Fourier encoded arterial spin labeling to get a faster, clearer and more accurate brain scan. Read more.

Using Nanoparticle-induced Hyperthermia to Improve Cancer Treatment

Nanothermal-induced hyperthemiaNanoparticle-induced hyperthermia delivers chemotherapeutic for abdominal cancer treatment quicker and with less damage to surrounding tissue. Read more.

Using Vibration to Produce Advanced Organic Thin-film Transistors

An Improved Whooping Cough VaccineWake Forest researchers have developed a low-cost, versatile method for making organic thin-film transistors which shows promise for use in the electronics industry. Read more.

Pursuing an Improved Whooping Cough Vaccine

An Improved Whooping Cough VaccineWake Forest scientist Raj Deora, PhD, works to perfect a better and safer vaccine against whooping cough amid outbreak of cases in the U.S. and worldwide. Read more.

A Simple Solution for a Complex Problem

Lance-Miller-FeatureNew startup Causa Research harnesses powerful motivators to help patients take their medications and have better treatment outcomes. Read more.

Immunotherapeutics Holds New Hope for Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Lance-Miller-FeatureNew research from Lance Miller, PhD, is leading the way in showing how immunotherapeutics may be able to help triple negative breast cancer patients. Read more.

The Future of Power Is Fabric

Powerfelt-FeatureWake Forest Inventor, David Carroll, PhD, has come up with a new technology called PowerFelt, that actually converts body heat into usable energy to power cell phones and other devices. Read more.

Helping Brain Injury Patients

Brain-Injury-FeatureDrs. Sam Deadwyler and Robert Hampson are developing a new electronic prosthetic device that may help restore the brain’s ability to make decisions after being damaged. Read more.

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